The former Shanghai International Settlement (上海公共租界 or Shànghǎi gōnggòng zūjiè) was governed by the Shanghai Municipal Council (上海工部局 or Shànghǎi gōng bùjú) from 1854 – December 1941. The Shanghai Municipal Council (S.M.C.) was mainly controlled by the British although it was an international settlement with foreign residents from all over the world. Chinese were not permitted seats on the council until 1928.

Shanghai's French Concession or La Concession Française de Shanghai [Changhai] (上海法租界 or Shànghǎi Fǎ Zūjiè) existed from 1849 until 1946. Much as it was in the Concession's glory days when it was considered by some to be the "Paris of the East", the former French Concession is still known for its romantic tree-lined streets and art-deco buildings. The French Concession was separate for the International Settlement and was responsible to the French Consulate General in Shanghai.

Shanghai Gas Co., Ltd.

The British-run Shanghai Gas Co., Ltd. was founded in 1862 and first produced on November 1, 1865. In the company's infancy it had 5 miles of gas mains and 58 customers. By the 1930's the company owned and operated 194 miles of gas mains and served 13,384 customers.

A small valve-cover was found imbedded in a sidewalk in the former French Concession with the word “Gas” printed on it in English.

French Concession, Valve-Cover - Yongjia Lu & An'Ting Lu (永嘉路 安停路)