The former Shanghai International Settlement (上海公共租界 or Shànghǎi gōnggòng zūjiè) was governed by the Shanghai Municipal Council (上海工部局 or Shànghǎi gōng bùjú) from 1854 – December 1941. The Shanghai Municipal Council (S.M.C.) was mainly controlled by the British although it was an international settlement with foreign residents from all over the world. Chinese were not permitted seats on the council until 1928.

Shanghai's French Concession or La Concession Française de Shanghai [Changhai] (上海法租界 or Shànghǎi Fǎ Zūjiè) existed from 1849 until 1946. Much as it was in the Concession's glory days when it was considered by some to be the "Paris of the East", the former French Concession is still known for its romantic tree-lined streets and art-deco buildings. The French Concession was separate for the International Settlement and was responsible to the French Consulate General in Shanghai.

Shanghai Power Company

The Shanghai Power Company (S.P.C.), controlled by American investors, began operating in August 1929 after the ratepayers (or tax payers/ land owners) of the International Settlement voted in April of that year to sell off the S.M.C.-run Municipal Electricity Department.

The first power company in Shanghai was the Shanghai Electric Company founded in 1882. In 1893 it was bought by the S.M.C. and operated as a government department (Municipal Electricity Department) until it was voted to be sold in 1929.

International Settlement, 8th Floor of the Cosmopolitan Apartments - 173 Nanjing Xi Lu (南京西路173号). The Cosmopolitan Apartments were completed in 1934 and the original owner, Tan Jing, lived with his family on the 8th Floor until fleeing mainland China.